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Video Description: Brianna wants her son, Danni, to know how to properly worship girls feet. From now on, it will be his nightly ritual to worship his sister Natalyas feet, so that he has plenty of practice with his technique. Danni will also have to worship the feet of any of his sisters girlfriends from school. Tonight, Chloe is sleeping over, so Danni will have to worship his mothers feet, and also his sisters and her friends. Brianna explains to her son that the point of foot worship is to provide pleasure for the female. Females can be quite varied in what gives them pleasure, so Danni will need to find what each girl likes and practice it. The girls tell Danni how they like their feet worshipped. Danni must listen to the needs of each girl and do his best to give her the pleasure she deserves. The girls get more and more demanding and soon Danni is surrounded by beautiful feet, all in need of service from him. Danni must commit all of the details to memory and recall for next time how each girl likes to receive foot worship. Brianna quizzes her son to make sure he can remember what each individual girl likes. After each girl has had her feet worshipped and Danni has committed the technique to memory the females all attack Danni with their feet. They cover his face and thrust their feet into his mouth. Danni is covered in the scent of all of the girls feet. When they are finished marking him with their scent, they make him thank them. Then, mother sends her son to his cage near his sisters bed for the night. - ISABELLE DELTORE - LAST CHANCE WORSHIP [FullHD 1080] | 1.12 GB

Video Description: Kade is under strict house arrest but can't seem to obey the rules of his probation. Correctional Officer Isabelle Deltore makes an unexpected visit to send him back to the big house. He begs and pleads to Isabelle for one more chance willing to do anything and everything to not be sent back. Using her high voltage shock collar she puts the bitch in his place making him become her personal doormat. He will worship, lick and adore her beautiful feet just the way she likes for him get back on her good side. Kade quickly learns she means business as she shoves her toes deep in his mouth making him gag for forgiveness while shocking him into obedience. - Irene - CONFUSED SLAVE WANTS TO LICK HER EVERYWHERE [FullHD 1080] | 474 MB

Video Description: Mistress Irene calls her slave over as she relaxes on her discipline bench. She tells him to sniff her shoe, and when he does, she laughs at him and says You idiot, thats my boyfriends shoe. She has him remove it and asks Do you really think I wear a size 12 shoe? with no concern for the fact that his eyes are covered and he cant see a thing. She tells him to suck on every toe, and as the camera pans down, you get an amazing up-close view of Irenes beautiful feet and toes and of the slave worshiping them. She tells him her feet are perfect, just like the rest of her, and its true shes one in a million, with gorgeous feet, large breasts, and the most amazing ass. As for you, youre mangled human garbage, she tells him. When he doesnt lovingly reply, she tells him to thank her or shell kick him in the face. His manners quickly come around and he whimpers a thank you to her.

She has him stick his tongue between each toe while she calls him demeaning names. She says that while he licks her feet hes likely fantasizing about licking her armpits. The camera zooms in on her delectable armpits, and under the hot studio lights and the heat of a summer day, you might even be able to smell them through the screen. And if he was licking my armpits hed probably be fantasizing about sniffing my farts, Irene laughs. Theyre always so confused, she adds. She tells the slave that the reason she keeps him in a cage is so he doesnt hurt himself or society. As she has him kiss, lick, and suck each foot and all of her toes, she reminds him that the day she kicks him out is the day his life is over. She makes him open his mouth and sticks her entire foot into it. She tells him she knows he must like fucking so shes going to face fuck him. She sticks both feet in his mouth next, which causes him to gag, before hes called over to lick her armpit. He licks up and down and clearly savours the taste. Anything that comes from my body is a gift she tells him. She goes into detail as to just what all those body treats are, and the list is very comprehensive! She turns her attention to you next and calls you a pervert. Irene knows you would do anything to be in the position of this garbage slave, getting belittled by her. - ADRIANNA - CAN'T TAKE THE HEELS [FullHD 1080] | 1.93 GB

Video Description: This was a real-life slave-member of Our site. He wanted to be used and abused by us in our clips. So after making him jump through all the necessary hoops (and PAY us for the privilege, obviously!) Princess Adrianna shows up at his hotel door in Vegas. This is the part of his session when he just literally could not take Adrianna's heels anymore- so she mercifully kicks them off and proceeds to stomp all over his worthless, scrawny body in her beautiful bare feet. - Chloe, Sasha - CRAWL OVER HERE AND LICK MY TOES LOSER [FullHD 1080] | 708 MB

Video Description: Chloe and Sasha make a loser crawl back and forth on the deck kissing their toes in flip flops and sandals. The loser is naked and locked in chastity. He must crawl to whichever girl calls him and do what she says. The girls pass the loser back and forth between them, getting their feet licked. They remind the loser that it is pathetic. The girls get tired of standing. They sit in lawn chairs and make the loser take off their sandals. They verbally humiliate him while he worships their feet. They want to take the humiliation even further. The girls decide to go inside to find something to sodomize the loser with. He has never gotten fucked before and is very scared. The girls send him away to get the big tub of Vaseline as they conspire and giggle. - Carmela, PRINCESS GEMMA - GEMMAS' FIRST FOOT WORSHIP [FullHD 1080] | 957 MB

Video Description: So Carmela is still giving Gemma a tour of the Mean Girls Air BnB. And the "services" of the "servant staff" just continues to blow her mind... Next, Carmela asks Gemma if she has been in those heels all day and would she like to have her feet "refreshed"? "Of course", Gemma says! Carmela simply snaps her fingers and two more losers jump to attention, crawl to Gemma's feet, take off her shoes, and begin immediately massaging and kissing Ms. Gemma's feet! Gemma can't believe it! This feels GREAT! And she asks Carmela if she can literally make these idiots do this for her all day if she wants to?? Carmela casually informs her that she absolutely CAN! They are all here to do her bidding 24/7 during her stay! (The slaves are obviously scared to deaath of Ms. Gemma giving Princess Carmela a "bad review" of their performance!) - Sully Savage - SULLY SAVAGE TRAINS A CUCKIE PART 1: FOOT WORSHIP [FullHD 1080] | 671 MB

Video Description: Sully Savage has had enough of her pathetic, small cock husband. She has decide to take control of her relationship with her bitch husband. He is no longer her husband, but her slave. Sully Savage changes the dynamic of the relationship immediately, forcing her now husband on his knees, worshipping her feet. Relegated to his new role, her cuck falls to his knees, at the feet of his superior Goddess wife. - Raven Eve, Alissa Avni - RAVEN AND ALYSSAS NEW HIRE PART 1: FOOT WORSHIP [FullHD 1080] | 697 MB

Video Description: Raven Eve and Alissa Avni need a new slave. They are sitting around the house waiting for applicants to interview for an ad they put in the paper. The first two victims.. or prospects as they say, are about to arrive. The two men meet each other outside the house and discuss how desperate they are for a job. They are about to find out exactly how desperate soon. Raven and Alissa sit the first prospective employee on the couch and explain that he must obey them completely and do exactly as he is told. He is then ordered to get on his knees, in his proper position, under the feet of his new Mistresses. Raven orders the slave to worship her high heel shoes. Licking them and sucking on the heel like a good boy. The new slave is told to worship Mistress Raven and Mistress Alissas bare feet. The slave does a good job licking and sucking their feet and toes. He is then told that his name is not Cameron anymore. The sissy slut will now be known as Cami. He needs this job bad and he will learn to be a proper foot licking sissy bitch now! - Kandy - EAT THIS HOMEMADE GRANOLA BAR ME AND MY GIRLFRIENDS MADE FOR YOU [FullHD 1080] | 451 MB

Video Description: As the scene opens we see Kandy walking into the house from outside. Much to her surprise she sees the special granola bar her and her friends made for her slave laying on the floor with a piece missing. What the fuck is this, you know you cant eat unless I tell you so Kandy says to the slave kneeling feet away with his head bowed. Kandy then tells him he can eat the rest of it but its going to be after she crushes it into the floor with her disgusting dirty feet. She kicks it towards him and starts to squish it with her feet and tells the slave to crawl over and sniff it. Her and her friends made it special for the slave and no money was spent getting the supplies for this lowly toilet slave.

Next she tells the slave to start eating the food from her feet and then she has him get on his back so she can stuff it in his mouth using her toes. I should patent these and sell them Kandy says, I could call them Kandys Healthy Bar Treats. Want one? She picks up piece after piece and notices there are nuts in the bars before stuffing down the slaves throat. She mentions how bad it smells and says after he eats all of it she will have to wash it all down with her nectar. It sort of smells like when the garbage truck drives by she laughs, picking a piece up with her toes and now sticking it towards your face rather than her slave. After all the food is in the slaves mouth, less the one piece you ate, Kandy pulls down her pants and sits on his face. - Chi Chi Madina - GOING TO BRUNCH WITH THE GIRLS [FullHD 1080] | | 284 MB

Video Description: Chi Chi Madina is about to head to brunch with her friends and her husband cant help but notice how hot she looks in her pink mini dress and sexy cage high heels. Before she heads out, he wants to play. Watch as he takes off her high heels and flips off up the skirt of her dress, teasing her pussy through her panties before pulling down the top of her dress to see her big, perky tits. See him worship her feet, kissing, licking, and sucking on her bare soles, tonguing along her soft, wrinkly arches and tasting every toe. Watch as she teases her pussy, moaning louder and louder while he worships her feet. - CHLOE - BACK TALKING FOOT BOYS PAY FOR MY GIRLFRIENDS PEDICURES TOO [HD 720] | | 408 MB

Video Description: Princess Chloe has such beautiful feet, but dweeby nerd Danni is reluctant to worship them for her. He wishes that he could kiss a pretty girl like Chloe, not lick her feet. Danni is very humiliated. He doesnt like a girl telling him what to do. He finds foot worship degrading, and wishes Chloe were his girlfriend, not his bully. Chloe gets such a kick out of pushing Dannis buttons. She would never date a dweeb. Finally, Danni tries to speak up for himself when Chloe demands he pay for her next mani-pedi. Chloe gets mad. She does not like backtalk from dweebs. If hes going to be like that Chloe will make him pay for all her girlfriends pedicures, too. - ASMINE MENDEZ - BOSTON FOOTBOY! [FullHD 1080] | | 757 MB

Video Description: Real time Boston slave who serves me often. He comes straight from work & does whatever I need. Good Boys who spoil me hard get to serve me in person when I travel. - Princess Amber - FOOT WORSHIP TIL DUSK [FullHD 1080] | | 945 MB

Video Description: This is a very simple clip. Princess Amber demands that two house slaves massage and worship her feet - one slave for each foot - while she relaxes and simply enjoys being a spoiled Princess. Princess Amber is only 18 and LOVES that she can use these old, pathetic losers for whatever she wants! Admittedly, it is an awesome feeling to make losers that are literally twice your age bow down, kiss your feet, and worship you at the snap of your fingers! This clip is like 30 minutes long, as the slaves are made to massage their Princess's feet until the sun literally sets in the distance. - GODDESS TANGENT - GODDESS TANGENT AND THE PANTY SNIFFER PART 2: PROPER FOOT BITCH [FullHD 1080] | | 558 MB

Video Description: The new sissy bitch is now kneeling on the floor naked and collared at the feet of Goddess Tangent. She commands her bitch to worship her bare perfect feet. He begins to kiss, lick and suck her beautifully manicured bare feet and toes. He sucks each one of her toes and licks the bottoms of her sweaty feet. He knows that if he doesnt do a good job then everyone will find out how much of a weirdo he is. Tangent pulls him by the collar with one foot while filling his slut hole mouth with the other foot. Goddess laughs and enjoys herself while her bitch chokes and gags on her sweaty feet. She tells her new sissy slave to lie down on the floor while she pushes and kicks his little pathetic cock with one foot while stuffing his face with her other foot. He now realizes that he has no choice but to accept this new humiliating life. - Goddess Cali Carter - SUFFER TO EARN THE PRIVILEGE [HD 720] | | 360 MB

Video Description: I have a slave on a leash, walking him around today. He really wants to worship my sexy feet, but he clearly doesnt understand his true purpose. I have him in the humbler and kick his balls repeatedly. Id really like to see them fall off; he doesnt really need them to serve the purpose I require. I remove the humbler and position him in an even more excruciating device so that I can stomp on his balls with my high heeled stilettos. He begs for more as I squish those worthless balls. When I tire of that game, I move to a seated position and lock his pitiful cock in chastity. The slave lies on the floor so I can clean the bottom of my shoes on his tongue. I remove my shoes one by one and allow the sub to smell my sweaty feet. I tease him with the aroma for a while before permitting him to taste my soles and toes. I instruct the quivering slave to worship my feet properly or lose his balls as punishment. His tongue is too dry and he isnt doing very well. This loser will remain locked in chastity until he performs better for me. / - Maitresse Madeline and Ryan Driller [HD, 720p] - Veronica Avluv, Francesca Le, Tanya Tate - Foot Fetish [HD, 720p] / - Evi Fox, Dana DeArmond - Girls Night In (Foot Fetish) [HD, 720p] / - Kirsten Price, Syren de Mer, Sinn Sage, Lyla Storm - Step Mom Foot Fuck (Foot Fetish) [HD, 720p] - Worship Goddess Jasmine! (FEMDOM) [HD, 720p]

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